Monday, January 13, 2014

Big size super thin cutting discs " flexible" performance

As well known, when using big size superthin cutting discs ( such like 180x1.6x22.23mm, 230x1.9x22.23mm ) cut off big size work-pieces, the discs "flexible" performance very important. The most important reason is : the discs attaching area with work-pieces will become big when cutting deeply and the resist-power to the discs side surface will become large at the same time. If the cut direction not keep at 90 degree, the disccs will easy stop rotation and broken.

The Blueshark big size super thin cutting discs with very excellent " flexible " performance and can provide max safety cutting performance especially when cut off big size work-pieces.

The disc show in the photo is the 180x1.6x22.23mm and you can see the discs excellent bending & flexible performance.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Blueshark Green Label Line Superthin Cutting Discs

Blueshark Green Label Line Superthin Cutting Discs

The green label professional superthin cutting discs is specially made for stainless steel , extra sharp & smooth cutting performance and long lifespan. 

It's more competitive cost compare with All-in-ONE ceramic line and can meet all your high cut off request for both steel and stainless steel.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blueshark Professional Zirconia Flap Discs Demo

BLUESHARK Zirconia Flap Disc is your best choice for universal matching tasks with very high stock removal rates and heavy-duty use. From the demo video, you can see the discs' advantages:

1) High stock removal rate and short matching times
2) Very little surface pressure required.
3) Cool grinding properties prevent thermal damages
4) Tough construction permit edge-grinding

BLUESHARK flap discs vith highest ratio between quality/price, we know there are many suppliers will offer very low price, but you must considering the sanding paper quality, flaps quantity, flaps size , etc factors. We are not the cheapest one but we are the one supply quality with reasonable offer.

Welcome send email to : for more surprise !!!

Blueshark Abrasives Packing and Shipment With Pallets

Blueshark standard packings style is PVC Shrink + Inner Box + Master Cartons + Pallets. It's very important using pallets though the abrasives discs very hard & no easy broken. The main reason like below:

1). Protect the abrasives discs well during shipment. It's very dangerous using the discs with edge-broken even very little we must make 100% sure all the discs reach customers in well conditions.

2). Avoid high labors' cost in the discharge port especially in the EURO.

3). It's easy for customers arranger continual-delivery.

We also can special make packings according to customers details requirements, for more details, contact us at : or visit our main business website :

Why always testing ???

We will testing ours discs and customers' samples everyday and input all the testing data to our computer system. This is very important for keep the discs performance be stable. The another issue is we will know the different customers personality requirements well and make most suitable discs for them .

For the abrasives discs, it's not too difficult just make one time high quality, but really difficult to always make high quality. There are many factors will change the discs performance during the production but one thing never change - Blueshark will make every pcs abrasives discs with thankful heart !!!

To know more about BLUESHARK Abrasives, welcome visit

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blueshark Superthin Cutting Discs Long-Straight Cutting Demo

Blueshark superthin cutting discs - excellent long straight cutting performance with super lifespan!!!

From this video, you can see our discs fast & smooth cutting speed and long lifespan when cut off big size stainless steel sheet. Try it today and free samples available !!!

Blueshark T42 Center Depressed Super Thin Cutting Discs

Blueshark T42 center depressed thin cutting discs - more stable cutting performance compare than T41 flat type..... it's your ideal choice when open slots !!!

The thickness only real 0.80~1.20mm and extra sharp & cooling cutting performance with long lifespan ~ Free samples available and contact us at :

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BLUESHARK TURBO Flexible Grinding Disc

BLUESHARK TURBO Flexible Grinding Disc has excellent shock & bending strength. Widely used on flat, concave and convex work-pieces surface polishing & finishing & grinding.

Color & Application System:
*WA (Green): Special Discs for Stainless Steel - Made of semi precious corundum and aluminum oxide.
*GC: (Brown):Special Discs for Stone and Glass.etc - Made of silicon carbide.
*AC: (Black): Special Discs for castings made of iron,steel,non-ferrous metals -- Made of Silicon Carbide and Aluminum oxide.

The discs main size is 4 / 4.5 / 5" inch and grit size 40#,60#,80#120# available. Choose correct grit size for your working also very important.