Saturday, April 26, 2014

Norton style resin bonded grinding discs ~

2.5 reinforce net with max speed 80m/s, the size is 125x6.4x22.23mm and application is for steel/metal.

This Norton style grinding disc special produced for one customer - We will always try our best meet all your abrasives requirements.  pls send email to or if you have special requirements about abrasives tools.  

Norton style grinding disc

Professional resin bonded grinding disc - 125x6x22.23mm

3 reinforce net with 1st glass alo oxide and resin. The labels side using hard mould and grinding side with soft mould , really welcome in EURO and Russia market ~

The other thickness also available such like 125x6.4x22.23mm, 125x7x22.23mm,etc. 

Grinding discs 125x6x22.23mm /5x1/4x7/8 inch

Friday, April 25, 2014

Which style you like - Grinding surface made by different mould .

The 2 grinding discs in the photo is the same composition but with totally different grinding surface, do you know why ?

The answer is we using different mould. A disc using hard mould and B disc using soft mould , you can see the B disc black paper insert and bonded tightly with the reinforce net and abrasives oxide.

Resin bonded grinding disc

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4" inch/100mm WA flexible grinding discs ~

flexible grinding disc

See testing demo :

Really popular in ASIA market such like Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, INDIA. etc. OEM order accepted !pls send email to for more details !

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blueshark resin bonded cutting disc different type explanation~

Blueshark resin bonded cutting disc different type explanation~

cutting disc type explanation

There are 3 type cutting disc in the photo:

A) 1 reinforce net and hot pressed small label. This type cutting disc popular in ASIA market especially INDIA market. The most advantage is sharp and fast cutting ability with economic cost.

B) There are 2 reinforce net on both disc surface and you can directly see and touch the reinforce net. There are one small label hot pressed and this type cutting disc also popular in ASIA market , East EURO and Africa. This type cutting disc have high safety performance and smooth cutting performance especially when long straight and big area cut off task.

C) There are 2 reinforce net on both disc surface and plus one black paper. This type cutting disc most popular in EURO, Middle East, America market due to the highest safety performance, also it is no easy out of shape if compare type B especially for the big size cutting disc such like 180mm and 230mm.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Resin bonded grinding disc type and application !

grinding discs type and application
We manufacturer really many style grinding discs and mainly as below 4 style suitable for different market ~
A : 2 reinforce net and both in the middle of discs' body, you can't see the reinforce net on both surface. This style most popular in ASIA and excellent fast remove stock performance as the abrasives grain can directly launching on the work-piece surface.

B : 2 reinforce net and one net coated in the grinding surface, this style popular in some S.E ASIA countries.

C: 2.5 reinforce net , two net in the discs' body and half net coated in grinding surface. The half net in the grinding surface can make the disc be more strength and suitable for heavy grinding task.

D: 3 reinforce net , this style with max safe performance and popular in EURO, America, Middle East. etc market. You can see the reinforce net mesh on both up and grinding surface.

Anyway, there are still many others style grinding discs for your choose in Blueshark product line ~

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Auto Round-line machines for produce small diameter discs ~

This new style auto machines can make the abrasive grains spread more average than traditional straight-line machines, the main reason is the moulds no need change their moving direction during whole production. The disc produced by such machine with almost same density between outer and inner area ~

Auto machine for cutting discs

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The labels of abrasives discs ~

Abrasives discs labels
The labels is very important for Abrasives discs as they carry much information especially the safe instruction on it. 
All the abrasives discs need labels and mainly below 2 kinds ~ hot pressed or sticker. normally the resin bonded cutting and grinding discs using hot pressed labels which pressed during the sharpness course. As this style label pressed to the discs' body before high temperature in the oven , so it's high requirements especially the color can't change after the high temperature processing.

The another style label is stickers which attaching to the disc surface, this style mostly using in the coated abrasives discs such like flap disc, flap wheels, etc. Normally they can be very bright color as no need high temperature processing and the color won't change since they printed.

There are also some other kinds "label" such like the directly screen-printing to the disc's body and mostly using on non reinforced cut off wheels.

Read labels carefully before using any abrasives discs will let good luck and safe working always with you !!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blueshark Superthin Cutting Discs Fast Cutting Demo~

Real fast & smooth cutting performance due to innovative mixed ceramic abrasives oxide !

We only make best superthin cutting discs ~

100mm/4" inch flexible aluminum flap disc with transparent glue !

100mm/4" inch flexible aluminum flap disc exporting to S.E Asia market ~Using quality transparent glue with nice looking! The metal backings also available for heavy task !

flexible flap disc

Refine polishing of Metal, Stainless Steel, Iron, Mild Steel, etc.  
* Low noise
* Supply continual & stable effect of surface fine finishing
* Flexible and Soft performance 
* Easy-Polishing and nice hand-feeling
* Perfectly refine finishing ability

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New generation chop saw cutting wheels ~

New generation chop saw cutting wheels ~ 

Sharp & smooth & white cutting for stainless steel, carbon steel, high grade steel, INOX .etc . 

See demo video here :

chop saw cutting disc

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

115x1x22.23mm superthin cutting disc long lifespan testing demo ~

The testing work-piece is stainless steel 304# rod with diameter 12.00mm. The total Number of cut off is 30 and final disc diameter is 110.40mm.  Each cut consume ( 115.00-110.40)/30=0.153mm.