Saturday, April 5, 2014

The labels of abrasives discs ~

Abrasives discs labels
The labels is very important for Abrasives discs as they carry much information especially the safe instruction on it. 
All the abrasives discs need labels and mainly below 2 kinds ~ hot pressed or sticker. normally the resin bonded cutting and grinding discs using hot pressed labels which pressed during the sharpness course. As this style label pressed to the discs' body before high temperature in the oven , so it's high requirements especially the color can't change after the high temperature processing.

The another style label is stickers which attaching to the disc surface, this style mostly using in the coated abrasives discs such like flap disc, flap wheels, etc. Normally they can be very bright color as no need high temperature processing and the color won't change since they printed.

There are also some other kinds "label" such like the directly screen-printing to the disc's body and mostly using on non reinforced cut off wheels.

Read labels carefully before using any abrasives discs will let good luck and safe working always with you !!!

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