Sunday, April 13, 2014

Resin bonded grinding disc type and application !

grinding discs type and application
We manufacturer really many style grinding discs and mainly as below 4 style suitable for different market ~
A : 2 reinforce net and both in the middle of discs' body, you can't see the reinforce net on both surface. This style most popular in ASIA and excellent fast remove stock performance as the abrasives grain can directly launching on the work-piece surface.

B : 2 reinforce net and one net coated in the grinding surface, this style popular in some S.E ASIA countries.

C: 2.5 reinforce net , two net in the discs' body and half net coated in grinding surface. The half net in the grinding surface can make the disc be more strength and suitable for heavy grinding task.

D: 3 reinforce net , this style with max safe performance and popular in EURO, America, Middle East. etc market. You can see the reinforce net mesh on both up and grinding surface.

Anyway, there are still many others style grinding discs for your choose in Blueshark product line ~

Cutting disc compare testing

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