Friday, February 28, 2014

Bluehsark heavy task 230mm/9" inch grinding discs testing demo......

Bluehsark heavy task 230mm grinding discs demo......

The 230x6x22.23mm - 9x1/4x7/8"inch grinding discs really popular in Africa market. We received one customer's samples testing feedback last week and the customers very satisfy with ours heavy-task 9" grinding discs performance.

This customer told us before - he sourcing many famous brands using in their workshop but seems no one is OK. He finally tested our samples and really bring much surprise to the workers. " We like this new workmate-Blueshark Abrasives" -the worker Mr. Michael said.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Secret of Stripping Discs Working-Surface!

The stripping and clean discs working surface area is most important factor decide the using life and G.ratio. Some customers complaint ours price is expensive and said they buy from other supplier with many cheaper price. But they find ours using life more than 50% compare with some brands after do some compare-testing. 

why ??? the reason is ours working surface is much bigger than others, the photo is the 125mm stripping discs , you can see our discs with big working surface, also we strictly control the working parts thickness be 14mm and some brands only 10mm. 

Choose Blueshark discs, make max of your abrasives cost !!!

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stripping and clean discs

Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Judge the superthin cutting discs quality by Appearance?

How to Judge the superthin cutting discs quality by Appearance?

* Observe the surface - should be flat and smooth. also checking the backside ( the surface without labels ) to see if all the area with same color, if not means the abrasives density is different.
* Observe the edge - should be little bright.
* Checking the inner surface of the metal ring - if there are abrasives grain ? if so, then will have some problem when fixed to the angle grinder.

* Throw the disc to the ground, if heard crisp " bang", it's OK.

Anyway, this just the general judgement way about the superthin cutting discs performance.  

super thin cutting discs

Thursday, February 20, 2014

BLUESHARK Purple Color Stripping & Clean Discs - Super Lifespan!!!

Blueshark abrasives manufacturer three kinds stripping & clean discs as below:

* Black color - General Quality Line
* Blue color - Industrial Quality Line
* Purple color - Professional Quality Line

The purple color style are most welcome in EURO market due to the high remove-stock ability with the super lifespan. We have done many compare testing with original 3M, Norton.etc and ours using life can totally match those famous brands but with much more competitive cost.

Try it and save much your abrasives cost.  welcome contact us : or for more details.

Stripping and Clean Discs

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blueshark Flexible Flap Discs - Ideal for corner grinding & finishing.

This style flap discs really high " flexible" performance due to below factors:

*Less flap quantity than normal flap discs - only 45pcs or 60pcs flaps with bigger size
*Small backings - allowed more " flexible" ability for each flaps
*Special flaps arrangement angle

From the photo , you can see the super flexible grinding performance and result the " side" grinding surface which can let you easy attach the inner surface of the angle steel.

                                                                                                                                                                                               welcome visit

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What is the most important factor of best flap discs?

Blueshark manufacturer different abrasives flap discs, from the Alo to Ceramic sanding paper with fiber backings, plastic backings.etc. In our views, the best flap discs most important factor is the abrasives consume in the same step with the backing papers. If the abrasives fly away at beginning, then the backing papers will burning the work-pieces' surface. Or if the abrasives can't fly away well together with the work-pieces' grits , then the flap discs remove-stock ability will decreased.

There 3 pcs flap discs in the photo and all is 125mm-60#. the left one is ours zirconia line after grinding stainless steel 304# 15 minutes, the middle one is the ceramic line after grinding same work-piece 20 minutes and the right one grinding for 30 minutes. we can see from the photo - the abrasives consume in the same step with the backing papers with long lifespan.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

BLUESHARK Professional Line Superthin Cutting Discs!!!

BLUESHARK Professional Line Superthin Cutting Discs!!! 

It's made from mixed WA and Crystal-Alo abrasives with excellent sharp & cooling cutting performance and long using life. The professional line mainly designed for professional cut off request for stainless steel pipe, rod, sheet.etc.

*High ratio of performance/price
*Excellent sharp & cooling cutting ability with long using life
*Double reinforce net provide max safe cutting
*Professional cutting performance especially on stainless steel & INOX
*Super precision cutting ability

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blueshark Ceramic Flap Discs !

BLUESHARK innovative Ceramic Flap Disc is your best choice when grinding stainless steel, titanium, inconel, and other hard metals.The ceramic flap discs using life much longer with " Super-Cooling" grinding ability due to the ceramic grains has a self-sharpening formula.Continuous regeneration of new grain cutting edges over the whole grinding time guarantees consistent surface roughness.

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BLUESHARK Resin Bonded Green-Tooth Grinding Discs

BLUESHARK Green Tooth Grinding Discs !!! 

It's made from innovative mixed green abrasives and special designed for stainless steel & INOX applications. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can meet professional stainless steel and INOX cutting & grinding requirements.

*Cooling, Sharp, Fast with minimal product wear
*Specifically designed for high stainless steel & INOX
*The disc body color is green
*Low dust & noise
*Comfortable hand-feeling

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New year, New Blueshark Abrasives......

New year, New Blueshark Abrasives......

We thanks for all your support and will try our best supply most competitive abrasives solution: 

From the D.I.Y to professional line...... 
From the cutting to polishing requirements......
From the quality abrasives discs to after-sale service......

We are always on the way ......