Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What is the most important factor of best flap discs?

Blueshark manufacturer different abrasives flap discs, from the Alo to Ceramic sanding paper with fiber backings, plastic backings.etc. In our views, the best flap discs most important factor is the abrasives consume in the same step with the backing papers. If the abrasives fly away at beginning, then the backing papers will burning the work-pieces' surface. Or if the abrasives can't fly away well together with the work-pieces' grits , then the flap discs remove-stock ability will decreased.

There 3 pcs flap discs in the photo and all is 125mm-60#. the left one is ours zirconia line after grinding stainless steel 304# 15 minutes, the middle one is the ceramic line after grinding same work-piece 20 minutes and the right one grinding for 30 minutes. we can see from the photo - the abrasives consume in the same step with the backing papers with long lifespan.

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