Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3M green corps style extra thin cut off wheels

This style disc 105x1.4x9.6mm really welcome in USA and Korea market. Ours performance can totally match 3M but with much more competitive cost ! The middle one in this photo is the original 3M and two pcs beside is our discs. 

3m green corp style cutting wheels

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Solution for Broken 180mm Grinding Disc for Stone!

We received one customer email last Friday said one 180mm grinding disc was broken during sample testing. This customer also send some photos to show the disc's broken details.

broken grinding disc 
We checked the samples' records and this disc made in " R " hardness with mixed 24 & 30# quality silicon carbide oxide with 3 reinforce net . We then study the photos and found the reason: The disc's outer area become very thin and this customer must grinding at very small degree ( less than 15' degree ), If grinding with so small angle, the grinding surface will become bigger result high remove-stock ability, but this also can make the disc outer area become thinner quickly and easy broken.

The another issue is the disc not broken into pieces and fly away, it's still bonded together due to the quality reinforce net and resin. this just proved our disc high safety performance.

Ours Solution:
a) Grinding at little bigger degree ( 30~45' ).
b) If prefer to grinding at very small angle, using bigger reinforce net & higher pressure in next order, this will make the disc be more " tough ".
From this case, we can see the really different customers' using habit and grinding environments, we do need more communications with customer for make best & most suitable abrasives solution.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Blueshark COL-FLEX series extra thin cutting discs

Blueshark COL-FLEX Series Thin Cutting Discs --- Colorful disc make real WHITE cutting !!!

This series super thin cutting discs with 2 reinforce net coated on both side with one small hot-pressed label. It's really WHITE cutting performance when cut off stainless steel, carbon steel.etc. also can do light finishing works for save your time. Now the main szie as below:

105x1x16mm / 105x1.6x16mm/ 115x1x22.23mm/ 115x1.6x22.23mm/ 125x1x22.23mm/ 125x1.6x22.23mm.

Free samples available and contact us at

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Compare testing between red style grinding discs with green line grinding disc !

Both discs with size 100x6x16mm/4x1/4x5/8" inch.  From this video , you can see what professional quality ours green line have.  Free samples available 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Why using abrasives velcro discs ??

Why using abrasives velcro discs ??

1) Easy operation:  It’s much easy to change, replace, hook and loop sanding velcro discs on a sander. All you need to do is pull them off when you need change another pcs.  this can save much your time and make quick workings.

2) Cost: Compare with other grinding & finishing abrasives discs, the velcro discs with very competitive cost though it's lifespan may not last so long as others. Just considering unit abrasives cost and you will find the velcro discs really the one of best choice.

3) 360 Degree Solution: The velcro sanding disc are available in all grits with different abrasives grain and  making them ideal for all kinds of jobs on wood, metal and more. 

4) Safety: The velcro sanding disc with much more safe performance than others abrasive discs which main application is grinding and finishing.  

Cutting Discs 230x3x22.23mm/9x1/8x7/8" inch Testing

We got one U.K customer's inquiry about center depressed cutting wheels - 230x3x22.23mm / 9x1/8x7/8" inch.  This customer want to using the 230mm cutting disc cut off Tube Steel with the size : 80x40x4mm.  We seldom testing our 230mm cutting disc with such work piece and normally will using 30x30x3mm or 40x40x4mm angle steel.  If cut off 30x30x3mm angle steel, normally our disc diameter only consume 1.00mm after No.10 cut off.

We have done some brief testing according to the customer requirements and the testing data very satisfy the customer. We made 20 time cut off with fast cutting speed and the disc diameter after testing is 183.00mm. The customer said in email " this data can proved your disc really long lifespan and can match those EURO famous abrasives brand" .  We forgot told the customer , the disc we using testing was produced before 3 month !!!  

230mm center depressed cutting disc

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Raw abrasives grain
For every abrasives manufacturer, it's important reasonable set raw abrasives grain stock according to the production plan in advance. Ours regulation is at least set 2 month consume quantity as stock. 

How to stock those abrasives in a correct way is very important for keep the quality be stable. We have special stock warehouse for all raw abrasives. All the raw abrasives coming with bag packed and one regulation is new ones should stock in inner area and this can make sure always using the fresh ones. The another important is keep the warehouse humidity be stable as the humidity is biggest factor which will changed the raw abrasives performance. The another important out factor is the temperature.

We also using computer system to manage the abrasives stock , what kind abrasives used yesterday ? how much kind of raw abrasives will be used tomorrow ? We even know every machine raw abrasives consume details with this system, this is very important and easy for tracking-back when there are some quality problem. Correct stock and manage the raw abrasives grain is the first step to achieve outstanding and stable performance abrasives discs !!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blueshark Green Line 14" inch Chop Saw Cutting Wheels Testing Demo

Blueshark Green Line 14" inch Chop Saw Cutting Wheels Testing Demo

This cutting wheels made from innovative mixed green abrasives and special designed for stainless steel & INOX applications. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can meet professional stainless steel and INOX cutting requirements.

The most popular size is 300/350/400mm with 2.8 or 3.0mm thickness.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

BLUESHARK heavy task Semi-Flex Polishing Disc using for heavy duty sanding applications such as paint and graffiti removal from concrete and masonry. Can also be used for light stone grinding duty as a low cost alternative to diamond grinders. 

*Aluminum Oxide style are recommended for remove weld marks on ship walls, decks, repairing steel boats or any case need removing welds.
*Silicon Carbide style are ideal for fast grinding and remove coatings from stone , marble or concrete surfaces.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Auto testing machines for super thin cutting discs.

We got different testing feedback from different customers even the same cutting discs due to the various work-pieces and operator. This Auto testing machine can control the the outfactors be stable very well and make real compare testing of super thin cutting discs diameter from 100~125mm.

It's also can adjust the cutting speed & pressures to testing the discs performance in various working conditions. After testing, all the testing data will auto printed in one small paper and you can see all information there.

But it's not complete testing if only using this machine as can't know the hand feeling well. We will testing our superthin cutting discs performance everyday to control the mass production quality be stable, not only this machine but also by hand !!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blueshark professional combined 2 in 1 ( Cutting + Finishing ) discs !

Blueshark professional combined 2 in 1 ( Cutting + Finishing ) discs testing demo !!!

One discs, can do cutting and finishing at the same time, save much your labor's and abrasives cost ! mainly in below size:100x2x16mm / 115x2.5x22.23mm / 125x2.5x22.23mm.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BLUESHARK Green Line Chopsaw Cutting Wheels for Stainless Steel - 12/14/16" Inch !!!

BLUESHARK Green Chopsaw Cutting Wheels-12/14/16" inch!

This cutting wheels made from innovative mixed green abrasives and special designed for stainless steel & INOX applications. The excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life can meet professional stainless steel and INOX cutting requirements.

The wheels in the photo is the 14" inch - 350x3x25.4mm with 1 reinforce net. This style discs really popular in ASIA market such like India, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.etc. The 300mm and 400mm diameter also available.

Due to ours advanced production technology, high performance and competitive cost guaranteed !

For more details, welcome visit or send email to

chopsaw cutting wheels

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What would be - if using the cutting discs cut off grinding discs ?

Today we done some brief testing - using ours All in ONE super thin cutting disc cut off the grinding discs. see from the photo , the superthin cutting discs size is : 115x1x22.23mm and grinding discs size is 180x6x22.23mm.

We just cut off  5 times and the superthin cutting discs done a very good job-smooth cutting and nice hand feeling. Pls don't forgot that - the grinding discs hardness grade is " T "!!!

Welcome visit for more products details.

cutting discs 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Superthin cutting discs 105x1x16mm for INDIA market

As well known , INDIA is the biggest market for abrasives cutting and grinding discs in ASIA, we special push one kind super thin cutting discs for meet INDIA market general requirements, this disc have 2 reinforce net on both side with a small hot-pressed labels. It's made with special production technology with good cutting performance and using life but most competitive cost.

Mostly INDIA customers using the 105mm/4" inch super thin cutting wheels cut off the metal or stainless steel rod which diameter is 12.00mm, ours highest performance 4" inch super thin cutting discs can cut off at least 60 times and much beyond other factories standard. It's can cut off around 30 times even this general performance line and 7"s / each cut-off. The most important is this disc is specially designed for INDIA market and now received many customers good feedback.

Just send email to if any question or need more details. Free samples available !!!

4" inch superthin cutting discs