Thursday, March 13, 2014

Raw abrasives grain
For every abrasives manufacturer, it's important reasonable set raw abrasives grain stock according to the production plan in advance. Ours regulation is at least set 2 month consume quantity as stock. 

How to stock those abrasives in a correct way is very important for keep the quality be stable. We have special stock warehouse for all raw abrasives. All the raw abrasives coming with bag packed and one regulation is new ones should stock in inner area and this can make sure always using the fresh ones. The another important is keep the warehouse humidity be stable as the humidity is biggest factor which will changed the raw abrasives performance. The another important out factor is the temperature.

We also using computer system to manage the abrasives stock , what kind abrasives used yesterday ? how much kind of raw abrasives will be used tomorrow ? We even know every machine raw abrasives consume details with this system, this is very important and easy for tracking-back when there are some quality problem. Correct stock and manage the raw abrasives grain is the first step to achieve outstanding and stable performance abrasives discs !!!

Cutting disc compare testing

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