Monday, March 17, 2014

Cutting Discs 230x3x22.23mm/9x1/8x7/8" inch Testing

We got one U.K customer's inquiry about center depressed cutting wheels - 230x3x22.23mm / 9x1/8x7/8" inch.  This customer want to using the 230mm cutting disc cut off Tube Steel with the size : 80x40x4mm.  We seldom testing our 230mm cutting disc with such work piece and normally will using 30x30x3mm or 40x40x4mm angle steel.  If cut off 30x30x3mm angle steel, normally our disc diameter only consume 1.00mm after No.10 cut off.

We have done some brief testing according to the customer requirements and the testing data very satisfy the customer. We made 20 time cut off with fast cutting speed and the disc diameter after testing is 183.00mm. The customer said in email " this data can proved your disc really long lifespan and can match those EURO famous abrasives brand" .  We forgot told the customer , the disc we using testing was produced before 3 month !!!  

230mm center depressed cutting disc

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte