Saturday, March 1, 2014

Superthin cutting discs 105x1x16mm for INDIA market

As well known , INDIA is the biggest market for abrasives cutting and grinding discs in ASIA, we special push one kind super thin cutting discs for meet INDIA market general requirements, this disc have 2 reinforce net on both side with a small hot-pressed labels. It's made with special production technology with good cutting performance and using life but most competitive cost.

Mostly INDIA customers using the 105mm/4" inch super thin cutting wheels cut off the metal or stainless steel rod which diameter is 12.00mm, ours highest performance 4" inch super thin cutting discs can cut off at least 60 times and much beyond other factories standard. It's can cut off around 30 times even this general performance line and 7"s / each cut-off. The most important is this disc is specially designed for INDIA market and now received many customers good feedback.

Just send email to if any question or need more details. Free samples available !!!

4" inch superthin cutting discs

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte