Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Solution for Broken 180mm Grinding Disc for Stone!

We received one customer email last Friday said one 180mm grinding disc was broken during sample testing. This customer also send some photos to show the disc's broken details.

broken grinding disc 
We checked the samples' records and this disc made in " R " hardness with mixed 24 & 30# quality silicon carbide oxide with 3 reinforce net . We then study the photos and found the reason: The disc's outer area become very thin and this customer must grinding at very small degree ( less than 15' degree ), If grinding with so small angle, the grinding surface will become bigger result high remove-stock ability, but this also can make the disc outer area become thinner quickly and easy broken.

The another issue is the disc not broken into pieces and fly away, it's still bonded together due to the quality reinforce net and resin. this just proved our disc high safety performance.

Ours Solution:
a) Grinding at little bigger degree ( 30~45' ).
b) If prefer to grinding at very small angle, using bigger reinforce net & higher pressure in next order, this will make the disc be more " tough ".
From this case, we can see the really different customers' using habit and grinding environments, we do need more communications with customer for make best & most suitable abrasives solution.

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte