Monday, March 17, 2014

Why using abrasives velcro discs ??

Why using abrasives velcro discs ??

1) Easy operation:  It’s much easy to change, replace, hook and loop sanding velcro discs on a sander. All you need to do is pull them off when you need change another pcs.  this can save much your time and make quick workings.

2) Cost: Compare with other grinding & finishing abrasives discs, the velcro discs with very competitive cost though it's lifespan may not last so long as others. Just considering unit abrasives cost and you will find the velcro discs really the one of best choice.

3) 360 Degree Solution: The velcro sanding disc are available in all grits with different abrasives grain and  making them ideal for all kinds of jobs on wood, metal and more. 

4) Safety: The velcro sanding disc with much more safe performance than others abrasive discs which main application is grinding and finishing.  

Cutting disc compare testing

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