Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new year - Blueshark Abrasives Always be There !!!

Happy 2014 for everybody !!!

We will always working hard supply best abrasives solution for all customers and thanks much for your cooperation !!! 

See you in 2014 and Blueshark will always be there !!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Grinding and Polishing in one step - That's Flap Discs !!!

      At one time, grinding wheels were the primary tools used for material removal and resin fiber discs provided the finishing in a second step. but now days more and more customer prefer using the flap discs as it's can do the grinding and polishing works in one step - save much you time and abrasives cost!!!

     All of BLUESHARK zirconia flap discs are made with premium zirconia alumina grain for fast stock removal and have a long life 10-15 times longer than fiber discs. The flap disc offers cooler grinding and finishing in one step with low noise and dusts.  Also very little surface pressure is needed when using  flap discs.

Try Blueshark professional flap discs and you will really find something !!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blueshark Nonwoven and Interleaved Flap Wheels

BLUESHARK  outstanding Surface Conditioning Abrasives Wheels are an innovation of Non-Wovens for mechanical applications. Those wheels offer a unique combination of long life, consistent and flexible finishing with aggressive cutting performance. The surface conditioning wheels are ideal  for surface preparation, blending, deburring, removing surface imperfections and cleaning and widely using in metal fabrication (stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.), tubing, china ware, aerospace, etc industrial fields.

BLUESHARK Nonwoven Flap Wheels and discs are designed for professional surface conditioning requirements with many possibilities for use: cleaning, deburring, rust removal, coarse grinding, polishing, smoothing and finish grinding. 

*Finishing of flat, concave, convex surfaces and profiles of different materials
*Surface cleaning, matting and satin finishing 
*Roughing plastics before glue application.

*The effect is excellent in the fine finishing
*Low noise and dust
*Cool polishing properties prevent thermal damages
*Simple and rapid operation 
*Light deburring with low noise and vibrations level. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Blueshark Flexible Flap Discs

BLUESHARK  Flexible Flap Discs support high "Flexible" surface & corner grinding & polishing performance and very popular in S.E ASIA countries.

Refine polishing of Metal, Stainless Steel, Iron, Mild Steel, etc.  
* Low noise
* Supply continual & stable effect of surface fine finishing
* Flexible and Soft performance 
* Easy-Polishing and nice hand-feeling
* Perfectly refine finishing ability

For more details, welcome visit ours main business website:  http://www.abrasives-wheel.com or directly send email to sales@abrasives-wheel.com

Friday, December 20, 2013

BLUESHARK TURBO WA Flexible Grinding Disc

BLUESHARK TURBO WA Flexible Grinding Disc has excellent shock & bending strength. Widely used on flat, concave and convex work-pieces surface polishing & finishing.

Color & Application System:
*WA (Green): Special Discs for Stainless Steel - Made of semi precious corundum and aluminum oxide.
*GC: (Brown):Special Discs for Stone and Glass.etc - Made of silicon carbide.
*AC: (Black): Special Discs for castings made of iron,steel,non-ferrous metals -- Made of Silicon Carbide and Aluminum oxide.

For more details, welcome visit http://www.abrasives-wheel.com/products/en/flexible-grinding-wheels/1.html

BLUESHARK Nonwoven and Interleaved Flap Disc

BLUESHARK Nonwoven and Interleaved Flap Disc made from high quality nonwoven materials with thicker fiber backings. 

The nonwoven-blades bring refine polishing performance and sanding paper results fast grinding ability. Depending on thedegree of nonwoven materials hardness and sanding paper grit size, it's also suited for cleaning and light deburring work and the processing of weld seams on stainless steel.

Try it and you will really find something ....... for more details, welcome visit 
http://www.abrasives-wheel.com/products_show/en/nonwoven-flap-discs-252.html or directly send email to sales@abrasives-wheel.com

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blueshark Super Thin Cutting Discs - Maybe the best !!!

We ONLY make the best superthin cutting discs !!!

BLUESHARK Professional Superthin Cutting Discs made special mixed abrasives with excellent sharp & cooling cutting performance and super lifespan......

Welcome visit http://www.abrasives-wheel.com/ or directly contact us at sales@abrasives-wheel.com for more details !

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blueshark Zirconium Flap Discs Demo

    BLUESHARK Abrasives Flap Discs are designed with abrasive cloth strips glued on to a rigid fiberglass backing in a fan arrangement. The life of a sanding flap disc can be 15~20 times that the fiber disc, resulting in a major cost reduction in both labor and material costs.BLUESHARK Zirconium Flap Disc is your best choice for universal matching tasks with very high stock removal rates and Super lifespan !!! Unbeatable ratio between performance & price !!! 

Welcome visit http://www.abrasives-wheel.com/ or directly contact us at  sales@abrasives-wheel.com

Monday, December 16, 2013

Blueshark Quick Change Stripping & Clean Discs

BLUESHARK Quick-Change Stripping & Clean Discs made of a special combination of synthetic fibers and coarse-structured non-woven abrasives with Quick-Change system. Against normal stripping discs, the quick-change series really ideal for working in small areas such as car body panels, boat fittings, gates etc.

For more details, welcome visit  http://www.abrasives-wheel.com

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blueshark Professional Abrasives Fiber Discs Testing

BLUESHARK professional abrasives fiber discs produced with advanced static-coated technology and quality 0.80~1.00mm backing papers.  Below is some testing photos for zirconia fiber discs.  The work-pieces is 45# steel and the fiber discs grit size is 36#. 

We want to testing the fiber discs max fast cutting ability and whole testing time is around 2 minutes.  


 1. Blueshark professional backing pads for fiber discs. All the pads with cooling ribs for avoid work-pieces over-heating.

2. Fixed the fiber discs to the backing pads.

 3. The fiber discs diameter is 125mm and grit size is 36#.

4. Start grinding, you can see the backing pads have excellent " flexible" performance. 

5.Start grinding the angle area of the steel. 

6.High pressures make fast remove-stock performance, also the cooling AID prevent the work-pieces from over-heating.

7. Super cooling grinding performance.

8. The work-pieces shape after 2 minutes processing.

9. The work-pieces surface no burning, also no loading on the discs surface.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blueshark Trimmable Flap Discs with M-14 Threads

BLUESHARK Abrasives Flap Discs are designed with abrasive cloth strips glued on to a rigid backing in a fan arrangement.  The trimmable plastic backing style with M-14 threads can save max your grinding time and abrasives cost !!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blueshark See-Thru Flap Discs Coming in 2014 !!!

     The see-thru flap discs can make you always see what and where you are grinding for control your workings easy. The special shaped flaps and backings create a see-through area and you can directly see the work-piece situation during processing . It's can avoid over grinding especially when processing expensive work-pieces and help you control everything as you want.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Extra-Control See Through Flap Discs Coming !!!

Blueshark New Extra-Control Version Flap Discs Coming in 2014 !!!

see through flap discs

The new style flap discs can make you always see what and where you are grinding  for  control your workings easy. This style flap discs special  shaped flaps and backings  create a see-through area and you can directly see the work-piece situation during processing . It's can avoid over grinding especially when processing expensive work-pieces and help you control everything as you want.

abrasives flap discs

The another advantages of this style flap discs is the super cooling grinding performance due to the 3 big gaps between flaps, also the work-pieces grit can easy fly away through the gaps avoid loading problem.  It also produces particularly good results during edge and surface grinding for thin metals, stainless steels, etc.

Now this new style flap discs only available with 4.5 and 5" inch with fiber-backing and Aluminum/Zirconia/Ceramic sanding paper can be choose .The mass-order accepted from beginning of 2014!