Monday, December 30, 2013

Grinding and Polishing in one step - That's Flap Discs !!!

      At one time, grinding wheels were the primary tools used for material removal and resin fiber discs provided the finishing in a second step. but now days more and more customer prefer using the flap discs as it's can do the grinding and polishing works in one step - save much you time and abrasives cost!!!

     All of BLUESHARK zirconia flap discs are made with premium zirconia alumina grain for fast stock removal and have a long life 10-15 times longer than fiber discs. The flap disc offers cooler grinding and finishing in one step with low noise and dusts.  Also very little surface pressure is needed when using  flap discs.

Try Blueshark professional flap discs and you will really find something !!!

Cutting disc compare testing

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