Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blueshark Nonwoven and Interleaved Flap Wheels

BLUESHARK  outstanding Surface Conditioning Abrasives Wheels are an innovation of Non-Wovens for mechanical applications. Those wheels offer a unique combination of long life, consistent and flexible finishing with aggressive cutting performance. The surface conditioning wheels are ideal  for surface preparation, blending, deburring, removing surface imperfections and cleaning and widely using in metal fabrication (stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.), tubing, china ware, aerospace, etc industrial fields.

BLUESHARK Nonwoven Flap Wheels and discs are designed for professional surface conditioning requirements with many possibilities for use: cleaning, deburring, rust removal, coarse grinding, polishing, smoothing and finish grinding. 

*Finishing of flat, concave, convex surfaces and profiles of different materials
*Surface cleaning, matting and satin finishing 
*Roughing plastics before glue application.

*The effect is excellent in the fine finishing
*Low noise and dust
*Cool polishing properties prevent thermal damages
*Simple and rapid operation 
*Light deburring with low noise and vibrations level. 

Cutting disc compare testing

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