Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blueshark Professional Abrasives Fiber Discs Testing

BLUESHARK professional abrasives fiber discs produced with advanced static-coated technology and quality 0.80~1.00mm backing papers.  Below is some testing photos for zirconia fiber discs.  The work-pieces is 45# steel and the fiber discs grit size is 36#. 

We want to testing the fiber discs max fast cutting ability and whole testing time is around 2 minutes.

 1. Blueshark professional backing pads for fiber discs. All the pads with cooling ribs for avoid work-pieces over-heating.

2. Fixed the fiber discs to the backing pads.

 3. The fiber discs diameter is 125mm and grit size is 36#.

4. Start grinding, you can see the backing pads have excellent " flexible" performance. 

5.Start grinding the angle area of the steel. 

6.High pressures make fast remove-stock performance, also the cooling AID prevent the work-pieces from over-heating.

7. Super cooling grinding performance.

8. The work-pieces shape after 2 minutes processing.

9. The work-pieces surface no burning, also no loading on the discs surface.

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte