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Blueshark Abrasives Basic Stainless Steel Surface Process Solution

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Blueshark Abrasives Basic Stainless Steel Surface Process Solution

Because of the high toughness and low thermal conductivity, stainless steel is very difficult material to machine. Also the Stainless steel polishing and grinding is known as one of the most difficult projects because most stainless steel polishing requires a mirror-finish.

Abrasives Discs are the most tools for processing stainless steel surface especially for weld treatment.  The basic Stainless Steel surface process follow below three step and it's very important for choose correct abrasives in each step.  Blueshark manufacturer & supply professional abrasives solution for add value to your every step workings.

1) Grinding - Resin Bonded Grinding Discs, Flap Discs, Fiber Discs, Stripping Discs.etc            
2) Polishing - Flap Discs, Fiber Discs, Flap Wheels.etc             
3) Finishing- Nylon finishing wheels, Felt wheels, Buffing wheels.etc

Below is the basic program for Blueshark Basic Stainless Steel Surface Process Solution:

 resin bonded grinding wheels
1st Step:  Using Blueshark Resin Bonded Grinding Discs - 115x6x22.23mm remove the welds and dust on surface. Sure, you also can choose Flap Discs ( 36# or 40# ) and Stripping Discs to do this work. If heavy working or big area, 7 and 9 inch grinding discs recommended. Anyway, you can choose suitable grinding discs according to details requirements. 

flap disc surface grinding discs
2nd Step: Using Blueshark Flap discs-115x22.23mm Grit 80# to do refine grinding & polishing. Grit 60# and 80# is most suitable for this step. 

nonwoven abrasives nylon polishing discs
3rd Step: Using Blueshark Nonwoven Flap Discs - 115x22.23mm (Medieum ). If higher bright finishing requirements, Nylon polishing discs ( refine ) recommended with compound buffings. 

Above just Blueshark basic stainless steel surface processing solutions, for more details or higher requirements, welcome contact us and ours professional staffs will always be there.

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