Monday, October 28, 2013

How to measure the cutting discs performance

BLUESHARK Abrasives Co.,Ltd manufacturer full-line cutting discs and cut off wheels in T41 ( flat type ) and T42 ( center depressed type ) to meet all of your cutting requirements.  Do you know how to measure the cutting discs performance? 

We will carry regular testing of our discs everyday and below is the general way for measure our cutting discs performance:

cutting discs  
1) Measure the cutting discs diameter before testing ( D1 )

work pieces
2) Measure & Calculate the work-piece surface area ( S )

3) Run the cutting discs cut-off the work-piece with a formulary number.

cut off wheels
4) Measure the cutting discs diameter after testing ( D2 )

cut off wheels
5) Calculate the G.Ratio index.

For example , the cutting discs diameter before cutting is 115.00mm and final diameter is 110.00mm after cut-off 30 times stainless steel rod in 12mm diameter, now we can calculate the G.Ratio like below:

* Cutting discs consume area =   π* (115/2)*(115/2) - π* (110/2)*(110/2)= π* (3306.25-3025)=883.125mm2

* Work-piece consume area = π *(12/2)* (12/2)* 30 = 3391.2mm2

* G.Ratio= 3391.2mm2/883.125mm2 = 3.84

The G.Ratio more bigger, means the cutting discs can do more cutting works. 

But G.Ratio is not the absolute index when measure the cutting discs performance, there are also others factors such like cutting speed, hand-feeling, vibration, etc to judge the comprehensive quality of cutting discs. 

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte