Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blueshark - Professional Abrasives Wheels Manufacturer & Supplier

BLUESHARK is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of Abrasive Wheels. In our views, we don’t sell abrasives tools but Abrasives Solutions. Our main business is supply professional Abrasives Wheels to below industrial: 

* Metal & INOX Fabrication: Cutting, Grinding, Deburring, Blending, Cleaning, Finishing 

* Maintenance & Repair: Cutting, Grinding, Sharpening, Weld & Paints Removing 
* Railway: Cutting and Deburring 
* Foundry: Cutting, Grinding and Deburring 
* Glass: Grinding and Surface Finishing & Polishing 
* Construction: Cutting, Grinding and Surface Polishing 
* Woodworkings: Cutting, Sanding and Polishing 
* Other Industrial: Metallurgy, Aerospace, Military Projects,Petroleum, Chemicals. etc 

 BLUESHARK also distributor & supply full-line Abrasives Tools for provide ONE-STOP Abrasives Solution. The maxim for all of us developments is very simple: Added Value to your cutting and grinding works!!! 

 Thanks to BLUESHARK advanced well-equipped R&D team, advanced production technology, professional service attitude , fast lead time, rich marketing experiences and competitive prices system, we have made us be the major Abrasives Supplier of many leading Industrial and Abrasives Corporations in Europe, USA, Latin-America, ASIA and Middle East. 

 By following and anticipating competition in the global abrasives market, BLUESHARK promised customers key benefits include guaranteed and consistent high quality abrasives solution, Fast delivery and full-line tech support with sincerely service attitude. 

We will keep working hard improve the quality of Blueshark Abrasives Wheels...... 

We will keep working hard supply personality Abrasives Solution for all respectful customers...... 
We will keep working hard achieve 20% annual growth and become leading Abrasives Wheels Manufacturer in the world......

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