Wednesday, October 23, 2013

G.Ratio - Absolutely Index of Flap Discs performance???

abrasives flap discs performance

BLUESHARK manufacturer many style flap discs. If classified by abrasives grain, there are four kinds - aluminum, special " Heat-Treated" Alo, Zirconia and Ceramic.  We collected many customers feedback and found it's not absolute views even the same discs.   

As well known, G.Ration is the most important index to measure a abrasives wheels for grinding applications.

G.Ratio = ( A1-A2)/(B1-B2)    

A1= Work-piece weight before grinding          A2 = Work-piece weight after grinding
B1= Flap discs weight before grinding             B2 = Flap discs weight after grinding

Normally we testing flap disc at least 30 minutes non-stop grinding.

General saying, this parameter more big , the flap discs with higher performance in first view . But the hand-feeling, working pressure, etc also need considering.  

For example, A flap discs remove 100g work-piece and itself weight reduce 5g, the G.Ratio is 100/5=20.  B flap discs remove 200g work-piece and the discs' weight reduce 20g, the G.Ration is 200/20=10.  If we can say A is better than B ? The answer is Not absolutely!!!  As B remove 2 times work-piece than A and with much higher grinding ability, if considering labor cost, B maybe more economic than A.

Meanwhile the flap discs lifespan is also another index when measure performance.  BLUESHARK willing always listen customers' voice and try our best provide most suitable abrasives solution for everyone.  You name it , we make it !!!

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