Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to avoid super thin cutting discs performance reduction?

How to avoid superthin cutting discs performance reduction?

Cutting disc performance reduction

BLUESHARK manufactures a wide selection of high performance T41 /42 Super thin Cutting Discs to suit all needs from low purchase price to highest level of performance attainable.  

We trust everyone no matter is manufacturer or user must face this problem - the superthin cutting discs performance-reduction with the times going. This problem mainly caused by the moisture in the air.   We already done much experiments and found the performance reduction can reach around 15% after 3 month and 30% after half year.

As we delivery orders mainly by sea-freight, that's means the performance already reduce 5% ~10% when customers recieved the consignments.  

Now BLUESHARK present below solution for max reduce the reduction:

1) Special fillers - we have study special fillers and can postpone the reduction disctincly. 

2) Packings

* Input 1pcs small bag dryer in each PVC shrink.
* Full-cover PVC prevent mositure attaching discs surface.
* Various style updated seal bucket packings - this bucket packings with very competitive cost if compare with some famous brand tin package.

3) Moisture Control System during producing.

We also have done much compare-experiments and you can see the TOP tables - now we have control the problem more better than before and will always working hard supply best abrasives wheels for customers. 

Cutting disc compare testing

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