Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More information about Buffing Wheels

buffing wheels production cotton buffing wheels
The buffing wheel is a piece of wheels used in the finishing of some steel & stainless steel products.buffing is not intended to deliberately remove any of the stainless steel surface. It's just for making the surface brighter and more reflective and  pastes, liquids or solid buffing compounds may used during the process. 

The buffing wheel mounts to a machine. Before using a buffing wheel, a pad is attached to the wheel and the buffing compound applied to the wheels surface. When the buffing wheels begin rotation, the piece being worked on is held against the buffing wheel.  Normally more compound added,more smooths & shiny out .

The materials used to make buffing wheels - including cotton, velvet, leather, and lamb's wool. The right product to use depends on the metal involved and the desired level of finish.  

buffing wheels manufacturer cotton polishing wheels
Blueshark manufacturer & supply different Buffing wheels and the compound pads used with them. Those buffing wheels with different hardness, density, shape.etc to meet different buffing requirements.  We also can design the innovative buffing wheels for your special request, you just need inform us your work-pieces details and buffing request, ours professional staffs will reply you as soon as possible. 

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