Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pay attention to the shape of abrasives wheel edge wearing down!

abrasives wheels edge shape  

Do you know?  sometimes inspect the abrasives wheels edge wearing shape can help you know well if the wheels do good job.  Normally the shape can classify to below sharp:

A. ROUND Shape - If the wheels wearing down in this shape, that's means you using the correct cutting wheels. 

B.SQUARE Shape - This shape also proved correct cutting wheels choosen and also comes from cutting works especially when cut small solids, structural shapes, pipe and tubing. 

C.CONCAVE Shape - Normal when using the correct wheel to cut tubing and thin-wall sections. 

D.POINTED Shape -  The abrasives on two-sides wearing down so fast- this indicates the wheel is too hard and most abrasives fly away by crush with the work-piece surface. 
E. CHISEL Shape - Wet cutting problem. Usually indicates wrong application of coolant. May cause breakage and crooked cuts. 

F. SIDE-GLAZED Shape  - Also indicates wheel is too hard or cutting too slow. Requires excessive pressure and higher power to cut. 

Cutting disc compare testing

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