Friday, November 8, 2013

BLUESHARK Zirconia Flap Disc is your best choice for universal matching tasks with very high stock removal rates and heavy-duty use. VSM, NORTON, KLINGSPOR, etc sanding papers flap discs available according to customers' professional requirements.  The "DOUBLE-BLADE" style flap discs blades specially arranger and let the work-piece's grits easy fly away through the bigger gaps between each " DOUBLE-BLADE" units.   
For grinding tasks such as weld seam dressing on planar surface,suitable for duty deburing and beveling work on stainless and high temperature steels, also suitable for deburring and chamfering edges. 

*Very high stock removal rate
*Very little surface pressure required.
*Very easy-grinding ability
*Reduce the work-piece surface temperature

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