Friday, November 29, 2013

New Challenge For Chinese Abrasives Manufacturer

As well known, China is the biggest market for abrasives wheels in all of the world and more and more overseas abrasives company looking for the chance enter into Chinese market.  We just back from the Shanghai Hardware Exhibition and we find there are some world famous abrasives company also attend this time exhibition even including Rhodius from Germany and Inter Flex from Turkey.etc.

rhodius abrasives   inter flex abrasives
We think this maybe the signal that proved more and more overseas company want to share the Chinese market and all of Chinese abrasives manufacturer will face the new challenges in near future!!!

For Blueshark, we have no choice except keep working hard update ours quality and provide more competitive cost and better service to all customers. No challenges, No improvement!!!  All Bluesharker will always be there proved ours goal - Add values to your cutting and grinding works!!!  

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte