Monday, November 11, 2013

Blueshark Superthin Cutting Discs 125x1 Testing Report

Blueshark Superthin Cutting Discs 125x1 Testing Report

We manufactures a wide selection of high performance T41 /42 Superthin Cutting Discs to suit all needs from low purchase price to highest level of performance attainable. The "All-in-One" line  made from innovative green ceramic abrasives with excellent fast & cooling cutting ability and long using life. The green ceramic grain will bring you whole new cutting experiences and can meet high request cut-off works for almost all materials. 

Below is some brief testing datas.         abrasives youtube  Find more testing videos 

stainless steel  work piece  cutting discs  extra thin cutting discs
Work Piece: Stainless Steel 304#  Dia=12mm              Total Cutting Time : 1'46"            Disc Dia after cutting = 120.70mm

Testing Discs = 125x1x22.23mm     
Produce Time = Aug, 2013 and ( 2 month before the testing day )
Work-picec = Stainless Steel 304#    Dia = 10mm
Powertools Data:  Dewalter 125mm    230V     1100W   

Total Cut-Off No : 30 times
Total Cutting Time : 1'46"
Discs Dia after testing = 120.70mm
Discs Dia loss = 125.00-120.70=4.30mm
Time of each Cut-Off = 106" / 30 = 3.53 second

Coclusion from operator :  Smooth & easy cutting , good hand-feeling and low dust.  

Cutting disc compare testing

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