Friday, November 15, 2013

Blueshark Abrasives Testing Corner for Control Stable Quality

abrasives quality control 

As well known, the quality be stable is most important for abrasives discs.  It's not difficult just make one-time high quality discs, but really difficult to keep discs performance be stable.

There are many factors can affect abrasive discs performance except the raw materials, such like moulds' conditions, workshop temperature, Humiditty. etc.  We set ours testing-corner and perform regular testing every day except carefully control every step from raw materials to final packings. Also we set every customers mass-productions testing datas and this can make us can supply most suitable discs for every customers personality requirements. 

cutting and grinding discs

For the testing corner, there are only two works need do every day- cutting and grinding!!!  All the testing datas will input to quality-control-system which already set in our computers. The computer will auto compare those datas with the preious datas. If there are any difference which beyond ours setting value, the system will auto point out and this information will fast reflect to ours QC & Engineers for solve the problem timely.

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Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte