Friday, November 1, 2013

Blueshark "Double-Page" Abrasives Flap Discs

BLUESHARK Zirconia Flap Disc is your best choice for universal matching tasks with very high stock removal rates and heavy-duty use. VSM, NORTON, KLINGSPOR, etc sanding papers flap discs available according to customers' professional requirements.  The "DOUBLE-BLADE" style flap discs blades specially arranger and let the work-piece's grits easy fly away through the bigger gaps between each " DOUBLE-BLADE" units.   
For grinding tasks such as weld seam dressing on planar surface,suitable for duty deburing and beveling work on stainless and high temperature steels, also suitable for deburring and chamfering edges. 

*Very high stock removal rate
*Very little surface pressure required.
*Very easy-grinding ability
*Reduce the work-piece surface temperature


  Double-Blade Flap Discs T27-FLAT TYPE                            Flat Type Flap Disc
ORDER NO                 SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX                   
 D27Z10016                100x16             G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs
 D27Z11522              115x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs
 D27Z12522              125x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs
 D27Z15022              150x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs
 D27Z18022              180x22.2            G40~120#             T27 Flat               10pcs            

Double-Blade Flap Discs  T29-CONICAL TYPE                        Conical Type Flap Disc
ORDER NO                  SIZE                GRIT                   TYPE               QTY/BOX               
 D29Z10016                100x16             G40~120#             T27 Concial            10pcs
 D29Z11522                115x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs
 D29Z12522                125x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs
 D29Z15022                150x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs
 D29Z18022                180x22.2          G40~120#             T29 Conical            10pcs            


a)BLUESHARK produce flap discs with different backing plate:
*Fiberglass backing plate - Most popular and it's can reduce vibration and is consumed together with the flaps. High strenghth with light weight.
*Plastic backing plate- With very nice lookings and is trimmable to increasing service life. The ABS plastic backing with very high strength and supply mas safe working performance.
*Nylon - Very familiar with plastic backings but with more light weight.
*Metal HUBS: provides extra high strength and rigid support as needed and normally using for heavy task . Also it can be recycled. 

b) Different flaps-combination achieve various using requirements. Normally combination are 
              >>>A + A<<<              >>>A+Z<<<               >>>Z + Z<<<

c) Best working angles

Grinding     (15~30')                          finishing workings     (0~15')
For best performance , keep 15~30' when grinding and 0~15' while polishing & finishing.    

e) If using flap discs replace fiber discs workings, you should choose one grade coarse grit size. Such like you should using 80# flap discs if normally using 60# fiber discs.  

Cutting disc compare testing

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