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Blueshark Abrasives 0.80mm Extra Thin Series Cutting Discs

Blueshark Abrasives 0.80mm Extra Thin Series Cutting Discs  

0.8mm thin cutting discs
BLUESHARK 0.80MM Extra Sharp series Superthin Cutting Discs specially design for professional FAST cut-off requirements. Suited for thin gaugesheet stock, thin walled tubing and small diameter cross sections. The innovative combination abrasives grain bring extra fast cutting experiences and very comfortable hand-feelings.All of our 0.80mm series real thickness will strictly control within 0.95mm and saving much your cutting time and work-piece waste. 

work pieces cutting gap
We checked many famous brand superthin cutting discs in the market and found most of them real thickness beyond much than which show in the labels. Some brands real thickness even reach 1.80mm though printing 1.00mm on the labels. Superthin cutting discs most advantages is fast & cooling cutting and save your work-pieces waste. If you using those thicker "superthin" discs, seems the discs lifespan is good, but your materials-waste increased much!!! 

Now we manufacturer 0.80mm extra thin cutting wheels mainly in 115 and 125mm diameter ( 4.5 and 5" inch) both in T41 and T42 type.Try BLUESHARK super thin cutting discs and you will really find something !!! 

1) APPLICATIONS: Professional fast cut off including steel,metal, stainless steel , carbon steel, aluminum.etc.  
*Extra fast and smooth cutting performance
*Comfortable hand-feeling
*Double reinforce net provide max safe cutting
*Cuts with no heat discoloration and effortlessly with minimum pressure 
*Low noise & dust

Superthin Cutting Wheels  T41-FLAT TYPE                                            Superthin Cutting Wheels
ORDER NO               SIZE                MAX RPM             TYPE        QTY/BUCKET                              
F41A1150822        115x0.8x22.2           13300                     T-1              50PCS
F41A1151022        115x1.0x22.2           13300                     T-1              50PCS 
F41A1250822        125x0.8x22.2           12250                     T-1              50PCS
F41A1251022        125x1.0x22.2           12250                     T-1              50PCS

Superthin Cutting disc T42-CENTER DEPRESSED TYPE        center depressed cutting disc       
ORDER NO               SIZE                MAX RPM             TYPE        QTY/BUCKET                              
F42A1150822        115x0.8x22.2           13300                     T-42              50PCS
F42A1151022        115x1.0x22.2           13300                     T-42              50PCS 
F42A1250822        125x0.8x22.2           12250                     T-42              50PCS
F42A1251022        125x1.0x22.2           12250                     T-42              50PCS

Cutting disc compare testing

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