Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pay attention to the real thickness of the Super thin Cutting Discs!!!

Hi...Dear All. One question: Do you ever notice what is the real thickness of the extra thin cutting discs currently using? I guess mostly answer is " No...... ". 

We checked many famous brand superthin cutting discs in the market and found most of them real thickness beyond much than which show in the labels. Some brands real thickness even reach 1.80mm though printing 1.00mm on the labels. 

Superthin cutting discs most advantages is fast & cooling cutting and save your work-pieces waste. If you using those thicker "superthin" discs, seems the discs lifespan is good, but your materials-waste increased much!!! 

All of Blueshark superthin cutting disc strictly control the real thickness and 100% real " SUPERTHIN" - bring you the whole new cutting experiences and saving your money & time !!!

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte