Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blueshark Grinding Discs for Steel & Metal 180x6x22.23mm Brief Testing

Blueshark Grinding Discs for Steel & Metal 180x6x22.23mm Brief Testing 

 One of our Mexico customer sent us some samples of 180x6x22.23mm / 7x1/4x7/8 inch , those discs produced by one famous brand company in Mexico. We have done some testing and find the density really high and discs be very " Hard".  This style grinding discs little difference like us- normally our customers like the discs be little " SOFT" with very smooth & fast grinding ability and comfortable hand-feeling . This just the difference between EURO and Latin America market consume style.  

After study the samples, we have made some samples and the brief testing data as below.  We already sent the samples for our Mexico customer testing and got OK feedback.    

Below is some brief testing datas.         abrasives youtube  Find more testing videos 

grinding discs 180x6x22.23mm grinding discs for steel  
       Before testing : 383.10g             After testing : 375.30g                 Before test : 1792.80g                    After testing : 1553.50g               

  7 inch grinding disc         grinding discs testing data  
            Grinding Time = 10 Mins                                                                Brief Testing Datas    

Testing Discs = Blueshark Grinding Discs for Steel  180x6x22.23 mm ( 7x1/4x7/8 inch )    
Produce Time = Oct, 2013  (  made according to customers samples )
Work-picec = Carbon Steel  45#             
Powertools Data:  Bosch 180mm       

Total Testing Time : 10  Mins
Discs Weight Loss = 383.10g - 375.3g= 7.8g
Work-piece Weight Loss = 1792.80-1553.50=176.3g
G. Ratio = 176.3 / 7.8 = 22.6
S.G.Ratio = 176.3 / 10= 17.63g/min

Conclusion: High G.ration than ours normal standard also with the good hand-feelings. 

Cutting disc compare testing

disco de corte